Stephen White’s work operates on a line between surrealism and magical realism, as in it is on a precipice of these areas of thinking, and it is on that line that a narrative around our imagination and the influence of the digital age exists, creating a contextual area of oncern. Using a diverse range of painterly methods and dynamic compositions, the works are studies of sexuality and other dimensional states of being.

A figurative theme runs through the work, predominantly depicting a genderless form, occasionally appearing biased towards the female figure. These images explore ideas of gender neutrality or non-binary gender, as well as concepts around sexual fluidity. Abstract, androgynous figures are often depicted in dreamlike, theatrical landscapes as masked silhouettes.

Whilst his work can be positioned in a ‘Neo-Romantic’ light stylistically, it is a refusal to openly accept the influence of the digital age which we are surrounded by that creates tension in the work and further questions.

Stephen White lives and works in East Sussex.

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All images © Stephen White 2018